Painting Your Home For Better Curb Appeal

painting home

One of the first things you’ll hear about when getting your home ready for sale is a fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s the bedrooms, the kitchen, or even the exterior, a new coat of paint goes a long way to making the house look younger and more enticing to buyers. Painting the exterior of the home has an immediate visual impact that helps to attract homebuyers to your doorstep. Consider these tips to help you give your home better curb appeal thanks to some new paint.

Consider Colors

Just like many people bristle at the idea of buying a home that is wallpapered from top to bottom, the color of paint can also come into play. In most cases, stick to neutral tones, especially if you are trying to sell. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while, choose a color that works with your neighborhood while staying true to your style preferences.

If you plan to paint any of the major structural parts of the home, you may wish to consult a professional to ensure proper preparations and quality control. Stick to colors that make sense based on the part of the house you are painting. Give the front door and shutters a new coat of paint to instantly update the look and add a little curb appeal. Consider colors that set the house apart but only for the right reasons. Choose a nice white for the trim around the door and windows, giving your home a younger look and feel.

Clean and Repair First

No matter where you plan to paint, be sure to clean the surface thoroughly. You don’t want to be painting over years of dirt and debris. Use a power washer or other efficient system. Remove any loose and peeling paint and sand a bit if necessary. Repair any broken sections as you are able. You can also touch up stained areas and apply new caulk as needed.

Don’t Forget the Details

A fresh paint job won’t look quite right if the rest of the home’s exterior is lackluster. Be sure to consider the style and color of your rain gutters when choosing to paint the home. You might find that new gutters add a nice, colorful pop to your home’s exterior when you coordinate shades before painting. If your gutters aren’t in great condition, now would be an ideal time to replace them, looking into all the different styles and colors available to set off the palette and add curb appeal to your home.

With a little time and an affordable budget, you can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal for a better chance of a swift sale. You can impact the likelihood of a sale as well as the actual sale price of your home with some thoughtful home improvements.