Frequently Asked Questions

How do LeafGuard® gutters work?

A: The unique one-piece gutter hood design by LeafGuard® utilizes the scientific principle of liquid adhesion to allow rainwater to cling to the gutter hood and fall into the gutter trough. The narrow opening between the hood and bottom keeps debris out.

Why is the LeafGuard® gutter’s one-piece construction important?

A: The LeafGuard® one-piece gutter system attaches to your fascia board, not under your shingles, thus never voiding your roof warranty. Its protective baffle also eliminates the possibility of debris entering the gutter from behind – a common problem with multi-piece gutters and leaf-shedding covers.

How sturdy are the LeafGuard® seamless gutters?

A: The LeafGuard® gutter system uses .032 gauge aluminum, which is approximately 20% thicker than conventional gutters. It is also attached to the fascia board approximately every two feet with internal hanging brackets, unlike conventional gutters that are attached with spikes that can come loose.

What are the LeafGuard® gutters constructed of?

A: LeafGuard® is a seamless, one-piece aluminum gutter system. It will never rust or deteriorate like some galvanized steel gutters.

What do LeafGuard® gutters cost?

A: LeafGuard® gutters are extremely affordable and a valuable investment in the protection of your home. Contact LeafGuard® of Michigan for a free, no-obligation estimate at (734) 217-2028.

What is the LeafGuard® gutter guarantee?

A: The LeafGuard® gutter system is guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles or other organic debris for as long as you own your home or LeafGuard® of Michigan will clean or repair it for free.

In what lengths are LeafGuard® gutters available?

A: LeafGuard® seamless gutters are roll-formed to custom lengths at your home or on the job site by a mobile gutter machine.

Is my roof too steep for the LeafGuard® gutter system?

A: The LeafGuard® seamless gutter system is patented to adapt to every type of roof pitch, regardless of the angle. In fact, it’s actually beneficial to have a steeper roof for enhanced performance.

Will LeafGuard® keep pine needles out of my gutters?

A: The LeafGuard® gutter system can deflect pine needles as well as all other forms of organic debris, large or small.

Can the LeafGuard® gutter system withstand a rather heavy rain downpour?

A: After performing simulated laboratory testing, we can guarantee that LeafGuard® gutters are capable of withstanding up to 32 inches of rain per hour, which is well over three times the heaviest rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau. And all the while, our LeafGuard® gutters will NEVER clog.

Will LeafGuard® gutters alter the appearance of my house?

A: While the standard rain gutter sticks out and can result in an unsightly appearance if there’s any debris, the LeafGuard® gutter system is designed to look sleek and modern for an added, enhanced look to your home while simultaneously deflecting debris. We also offer the system in an array of colors to match any home’s unique design.

How do I get more information on Englert LeafGuard?

A: For more information on LeafGuard® gutter systems or any of your guttering needs, call LeafGuard® of Michigan at (734) 217-2028.

What is an ice dam?

A: For homes in colder climates, ice dams can form when heavy snow or ice accumulates on a roof and begins to melt over a heated or partially headed attic space. Although there are various known factors that contribute to the formation of ice dams on a roof, the primary cause stems from poor attic insulation and ventilation. The water melted from this occurrence can then settle and re-freeze over a less heated area of the roof, more commonly on the roof overhang. This re-frozen ice can create a blockage similar to the concept of a dam that then forces any additional water that’s melted to build up and back up under shingles on the roof, or even re-freeze on surfaces like the overhangs, gutters, and gutter covers. These in turn can cause damage from leaks or icicles.

You can learn more about what causes ice dams and icicles by visiting the Energy Star website at:

Or you can read the University of Minnesota study and report on ice dams at:

Will LeafGuard® gutters prevent ice dams or icicles from forming?

A: Due to the nature of the formation of ice dams and icicles, LeafGuard® gutters will neither prevent nor cause the ice dams that can create icicles. However, the patented one-piece hooded gutter system design by LeafGuard® can completely eliminate the possibility of dense ice accumulation that commonly occurs inside traditional gutters and could end up causing gutter hangers to loosen or even break. No other gutter protection system can effectively eliminate ice dams or prevent icicles from forming like LeafGuard®.

How can I prevent ice dams and icicles?

A: Although LeafGuard® gutters can’t prevent ice dams, we recommend several suggestions to help reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, the potential for ice dams and icicles to form. You can prevent ice dams by ensuring your attic is properly ventilated and insulated in order to prevent warm air from escaping and causing snow and ice melts, which can lead to the formation of ice dams and icicles. In addition, opting for certain products, such as heating cables, can help to minimize the formation of icicles.

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