About LeafGuard Gutters

Notable Features of LeafGuard® Gutter Systems

LeafGuard® is a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system with a rounded edge that deflects any buildup of excessive dirt, pine needles, leaves, and other types of organic debris. The LeafGuard® gutter system eliminates the need to routinely clean out your gutters while avoiding any case of damage caused by water seepage or surface erosion.

Our Premium Gutter System Offers

  • Clog-Free Design
  • One-Piece System
  • Protective Overhang/Trim
  • ScratchGuard® Paint Finish
  • Customization Options
  • Professional Installation

LeafGuard® Gutters Have a No-Clog Guarantee

At LeafGuard® of Michigan, we guarantee your gutters won’t clog. Our team is committed to ensuring your home is protected all year round regardless of the season, so if your LeafGuard® gutter ever clogs for any reason at all, we will provide cleaning and maintenance completely free of charge.

Benefits Unique to LeafGuard® Gutters

  • No screwing or nailing to the roof is required for installation
  • Resistant to rust and deterioration
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum gutters that are 20% heavier than traditional gutters
  • Larger downspouts that are 30% thicker than traditional aluminum gutters
  • Securely fastened to your fascia board with hidden, non-corrosive, internal hangers
  • Low-profile design that will not interfere with your roof warranty or re-roofing
  • Professional installation that prevents deterioration and water penetration

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