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LeafGuard of Michigan

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LeafGuard® is a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system that is guaranteed never to clog. Save yourself
seasonal trips up the ladder and onto the roof and experience the LeafGuard® advantage today.

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The Problem With Clogged Gutters

Standard gutters on a home are made to capture and safely redirect drained water during rainfall. However, debris like twigs, dirt, and leaves accumulate and can cause blockage.

There are various ways clogged gutters can create bigger problems. The collection of seedlings, twigs, pinecones, and acorns can attract critters looking for food or nesting materials. In most cases, the large buildup of organic debris can result in water spilling over gutters and pooling up along the surface below and around the home. This can result in erosion in the immediate area and damage to the landscape. It can even lead to more serious issues if there’s moisture seeping into the foundations of the home. And when it comes to added moisture, mold and bacteria begin to grow, which can become a very serious hazard.

The Need for LeafGuard® Gutters


Only LeafGuard® Gutters go beyond any other gutter on the market to help carry water away from your home with a patented, debris filtering design that is unmatched.

There’s no need to worry about surface erosion from water damage, water seepage, or climbing ladders for routine gutter cleanings. With LeafGuard® Brand Gutters and their brilliant design, you’ll never have to perform maintenance to unclog your gutters for as long as you own your home, or LeafGuard® of Michigan will clean your gutters completely free of charge.

How It Works

The key to the LeafGuard® gutter system is based on the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. According to this principle, as liquid moves across surfaces, it adheres. This also holds true as liquids travel across curved or rounded surfaces. Because of this, the LeafGuard® gutters’ patented design consists of a curved hood that allows rainwater to travel down and around into the gutter to be flushed away, while sifting away leaves and debris that would normally accumulate with traditional gutter systems.


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